2003-08-07; 2:31 p.m.

..eyeless, lipless, earless..


mutinous organs and bones, not even spiritual; the sky is haggard while it drizzles. I'm thinking of black doves and tears enough to fill an urn.

Peek's cat collar bell is jingling outside the door. I would let her in but she mewls frantically and claws all the way up to my throat, staring at my eyes. I wish mine were as bright. I wish I were stupid enough to be happy.

I feel bloated and leaden-eyed, limp and corpse coloured. if the world was a human body, my home would be clinging to the hangnail of a fat toe.

I wish I was tall enough to gasp in the clouds and run my fingers through them when they're heavy.

take me away.

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